Spartus Full Vue TLR Type Camera

Spartus Full Vue Camera I tend to collect/horde a lot of different things.  I use them for awhile then they gather dust,  this is one of those items. I bought this off E-Bay a few years ago and used it for a few projects.  I wanted to do some Through The Viewfinder pictures and also […]

Pinhole Camera: The Ultimate in Low Tech

Pinhole Camera Front I can’t think of anything more low tech, while remaining so damn cool, as a pinhole camera. The above camera was built from stiff cardboard and came in a nice little kit.  I was at Barnes and Noble Christmas shopping last December when I noticed the kit for a fairly low price […]

Sony DSC-W530 Camera Review

A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade my point and shoot digital camera.  There was nothing wrong with my old one, I liked it,  but it was a few years old and in those few years many things have changed. I have had my eyes on the Sony line of Cybershots because I think […]